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Flathead River Fishing Report

About the Flathead River System

When you fly fish Glacier National Park, you are fishing on the Flathead River system. The Flathead River system is made up of three forks that eventually drain into Flathead Lake. Glacier Anglers & Outfitters operates on both the Middle and North Forks of the Flathead River.

The Middle Fork originates in the Great Bear Wilderness and creates the southern border of Glacier National Park. From deep in the wilderness, it flows roughly 70 miles before it’s confluence with the North Fork of the Flathead. Many sections of the Middle Fork of the Flathead are comprised of canyons, as well as class II-III whitewater. We navigate these waters using rafts with custom-built fishing frames.

The headwaters of the Flathead’s North Fork originate in Canada and flow south into the United States. The North Fork creates the western boundary of Glacier National Park and provides some spectacular views in the national park. In many areas, the North Fork widens up and braids in between Glacier National Park and National Forest Service lands.

Glacier National Park offers anglers a healthy population of wild and native westslope cutthroat trout that are eager to eat and fun to catch.

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