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Safety First Is Our #1 Core Value

Pursuit's Safety Promise is our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests and staff. No matter when you visit, ensuring everyone can enjoy the incredible places we operate in with absolute peace of mind remains a priority.

Backed by Lysol's trusted products, protocols and delivery systems, we will continue to help ensure that guests and employees are healthy and safe. When you decide to visit us, you can feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

Enhanced Cleaning Program

  • Expect stringent room cleaning protocols between each guest stay and regular cleaning of all public spaces.
  • We use Health Canada-approved cleaners and CDC-recommended disinfectants in all our shared spaces.
  • We disinfect amenities and touchpoints that remain in rooms, such as the temperature control knobs, light switches and doorknobs, with Lysol.
  • We have hand sanitizer stations at all properties.

Rigorous Staff Training

  • Our staff onboarding and training is more rigorous than ever. We are always evolving and improving.
  • We have established protocols for staff illness reporting and management to help ensure healthy people stay that way.
  • We are committed to ongoing engagement and collaboration with our industry and governmental partners, ensuring we are aligned in protecting our guests, staff and communities.

Peace of Mind

  • As practitioners of exceptional hospitality, we’re committed to inspiring those around us. We value optimism and so we smile and incorporate laughter and joy into our experiences.
  • Additional transmission-reducing tactics include optional personal protective equipment for staff, contactless payment and express check-outs have been applied wherever possible.
  • To limit contact, we will not be providing cleaning for multiple night stays.

Working Together

Our teams are diligently implementing these distancing and cleaning initiatives in collaboration with our local, provincial and federal organizations.

Below are some of the standards that we have drawn from to ensure our Safety Promise meets or exceeds health, industry and governmental recommendations and regulations. Since these best practices and regulations continue to evolve as new information is released, so too will our Safety Promise.

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